Wich fastener do I need?


European regulations require verification of construction products (Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011). To guarantee the traceability of our fasteners, NES BV uses an identification mark. The application of this identifier is based on material type and product group. In most cases it concerns a marking in the head and in other cases a marking under the head. The table below shows this distinction per material type.


NES washers are available in galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel versions. washers are standard provided with at least 2.5 mm vulcanised EPDM. 3 mm is also available on request. Due to the frequent coating of screws, a conductive washer is used as standard for optimum adhesion of the powder coating. Our core range of fasteners comes with standard washers mounted in stock. Project- or customer-specific delivery can also be provided. The washers are available in the diameters below. If your size is not listed, please contact us.  

Ø (mm) 10 12 14 16 19 22 25 29 

The seal is only ensured if the screw is correctly tightened. For the correct processing, see the image below.

The clamping range of the fasteners specified in this catalog includes the ring installed.


In order to comply with all European building guidelines, NES has provided its Bimetal program with European Technical Approval (ETA). The overview below is a summary of the ETA products on this website. The ETA of the articles below are available on the ETA page in the technical center or can be downloaded from the relevant article in the product catalog.